Croeso i Ddosbarth Idris – Meithrin

Welcome to Dosbarth Idris –  Nursery

Athrawon Dosbarth /Class Teacher – Mrs Montgomery

Cymorthydd Cyfnod Sylfaen/Teaching Assistant – Miss Georgia Montgomery

The Nursery is open every afternoon, 1pm-3pm, 5 days a week.


Nursery Autumn Term 1

Our theme for his term is “Sparkling Celebrations”

Within the 8 week period the children will be…

  • Learning our classroom rules
  • Making new friends
  • Learning how to be a good friend
  • Going to the toilet independently
  • Learning the importance of washing their hands
  • Exploring the outdoor classroom
  • Working in the hall, moving and dancing to various familiar songs
  • Painting their portrait
  • Working with malleable material such as dough
  • Developing fine motor skills through activities such as cutting and threading
  • Experimenting with a range of musical instruments
  • Exploring “colour” through printing, pattern making, collage and painting
  • Developing their knowledge and understanding of numbers 1-10
  • Exploring shapes in their environment
  • Developing their understanding of size
  • Introduced to simple letter sounds from the “Read write inc” language scheme
  • Becoming familiar with traditional nursery rhymes
  • Drawing their faces in their special work book
  • Listening to others talking, reading books and giving instructions.
  • Celebrating each other’s Birthday
  • Having a go at writing their names
  • Discussing their feelings
  • Using simple welsh greetings
  • Listening to simple welsh stories
  • Following welsh commands
  • Listening to selected bible stories
  • Developing their understanding of Harvest
  • Developing their understanding of Diwali
  • Learning all about autumn

Settling In




Birthday Celebrations


Autumn Leaves

We have been comparing big and small leaves


Looking for signs of Autumn



Spring Term 2018

Theme: A World of Animals

This term we will be

Exploring how animals survive the winter and what we can do to help them e.g. feeding the birds in our garden. 

Investigating ice outdoors in the water tray

Taking Winter Walk to the beach to observe the seasonal changes e.g. colour of the sky, the bare trees, the sounds.

Looking for signs of Spring

Realise the importance of looking after all God’s creatures and how it is our responsibility to look after our environment 


Polar Animals

We have been exploring the Polar Regions


Winter trees

We went for a walk to observe the changes since our Autumn Walk


Investigating Ice

How can we get the penguins out of their icy prism?


Zoo Animals

The Zoo Keeper from the Welsh Mountain Zoo


Bird Feeders

We followed the instructions to make pine cone bird feeders for our garden


Bear Hunt 



The three Bears



Spring Daffodils

We have been looking out for signs of Spring. the daffodil bulbs that we planted in Autumn have started to groe


Creative Tasks

Make observational paintings of daffodils



Dydd Gwyl Dewi

We took part in the Saint David’s Day Celebrations. We went on stage to sing our ‘Bore da ‘ song.


World Book Day


Noah’s Ark 







Autumn Term 1 2017

Theme: I am special

During this term the pupils will be focusing on the theme of ‘I am special’ which centres on the pupils themselves, developing their knowledge and understanding of their bodies, their families, their friends, their feelings and their experiences.






Summer Term 2 2017 

Theme: The Beach

This half term the children will be learning about the beach. We will visit the West Shore Beach and gain much of our inspiration for learning from this visit. Whilst there we will be collecting natural materials to make shapes, pictures and sculptures in the style of the Welsh Environmental Artist Tim Pugh



Summer Term 1 2017

Theme: Round and round the garden

This term we will learn how living things grow and change by exploring the plants, flowers and the creatures that live in our garden. We will begin by planting outdoors to observe and record the changes from seed to a flower. We will be introducing the life cycles of plants and tiny creatures through story.  The children will listen to the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk, ‘What the Ladybird heard’ and other stories about tiny creatures such as spiders and ants. 


WALT: Understand that plants have a life cycle                                                        

Task: Plant seeds, observe and record the changes from seed to a flower. The children worked in groups with ‘Margaret the Gardener’ to plant seeds in the garden. She gave them instructions to check them regularly and water. 

Challenge: Keep a record and compare the number of flowers as they grow.


Minibeast hunt

Who Lives in our garden?

WALT: Investigate and explore life under a stone.                          

Task: Lift stones and logs in the garden to look for mini beasts. We talked about what equipment we might need to carry out this investigation.

*Clipboards to keep a tick list of creatures found

*iPad to take photos

*magnifying glass to look up close



Theme Day: The Garden Party





We have been looking at poppies and the importance of Remembrance Day.

Our senses

We went on a sensory walk, we saw lots of colorful leaves, we heard the wind blowing the leaves then crunching under our feet, the leaves felt spiky. To warm us up, after our walk we tried some hot chocolate. It tasted yummy and smelled chocolaty.

Our theme this term is “my face and my body”

We have been making new friends, exploring the outdoor classroom and painting portraits. Exploring colour through printing, pattern making.
Developing their understanding of size.
Discussing how they have changed from being a baby.
Discussing ways in which they can keep themselves healthy.
Discussing and exploring their senses.
Developing their understanding of Harvest.

We have been using the outdoor area to its full potential. The children love our ‘Messy Afternoons’ in the outdoor enviroment with materials such as wet sand, clay, mud, flour and water, slime, gel and other messy mixtures

Teeny Tiny Things

Our topic this half term is “Teeny Tiny Things” We will be looking at ways to care for the natural world including small things that we cannot always see.

We will carry on thinking about ways that we care for small things such as younger siblings and baby animals.

fford dyffryn school with mountains in the background and a playground in the foreground