Croeso i’r Dosbarth Aran – Derbyn & Blwyddyn 1

Welcome to Dosbarth Aran Р Reception & Year 1


Athrawon Dosbarth /Class Teachers – Mrs Roden and Miss Jess Daniels
Cymorthydd Cyfnod Sylfaen/Teaching Assistant – Mrs Einwen Caulfield

Autumn Term Topic- Night and Day

This term the children will be exploring ‘after dark’¬† and finding out about the moon, stars, nocturnal animals and familiar routines at the end of the day. We will experience the natural world as it darkens as well as finding out about people that do not sleep during the night.¬†We will also compare day and night activities and begin to understand about the sun and moon.

This term the children will learn about:

  • Day and night routines
  • The moon and stars and how the sky changes at night
  • Sources of light and that dark is the absence of light
  • Nocturnal animals such as owls,bats and foxes including where they live and how they behave
  • Time
  • Simple lullabies and nursery rhymes
  • Being safe and feeling safe at night time
  • Mark making, drawing and emergent writing
  • The Welsh language using phrases across a range of experiences indoor and outdoor


Boat Project


Starry Night




Balance Bikes


Hospital Role Play


Poppy Day


Space – Rockets




Summer Term Topic- Scrumptious

This term the children will learn about:

  • different types of food.
  • foods they like and dislike.
  • the senses of smell and taste.
  • keeping healthy by eating a balanced diet.
  • measures and money through play based context.
  • food from different countries.
  • the process of cooking, melting, freezing and mixing.
  • expressing themselves creatively through different media.
  • develop the Welsh language through different experiences in both the indoor and outdoor environment.


Spring Term Topic – Paws, Claws and Whiskers
This term the children will learn about:

  • Animals which are part of the cat family including domestic and big cats
  • Habitats in which they live both in the home and in the wild
  • The body parts of cats
  • Animal care, including organisations and charities that provide animal welfare
  • How to sequence movements to sounds and music
  • Mark making, drawing and emergent writing
  • The Welsh language using words and phrases across a range of experiences in the indoor and outdoor environment.


Autumn Term Topic- Dragon Tales

This term has a knowledge and understanding of the world focus and we will be exploring the historical, traditional and fantasy world of castles including the lives of people who lived and worked in them during the middle ages. We will be developing the children’s understanding through:

  • finding out about the people and how they lived.
  • finding out about castles, their features and how they were used in the middle ages.
  • finding out about Welsh castles, especially Conwy Castle in our own locality.
  • stories and characters from our Welsh heritage.
  • recording ideas and feelings through drawing, mark making and emergent writing.
  • re-telling traditional tales through play and focused activities.
  • use creative skills to design, make and talk about a range of objects linked to our theme.
  • develop their understanding of the Welsh language by using words and phrases linked to our theme both in the inside and outside areas.

fford dyffryn school with mountains in the background and a playground in the foreground